Black Bear Clay Figure

MAKING A CLAY BEAR Materials List:

  • Self-hardening clay
  • Clay cutter (if using a block of clay)
  • Plastic knife for cutting template
  • Plastic fork for scoring
  • Toothpicks for claws
  • Little tools for design details, Example: appetizer pick
  • Small cup of water used to create slippy
  • Acrylic or tempera paint for painting once sculpture is dry
  • Flat dry workspace
  • Piece of cardboard as base for drying sculpture

Resource List:

  • Self-hardening clay
  • Amaco Brent
  • Aurora Pottery
  • Michaels
  • Make your own clay from flour, salt and water. Fun and cost effective!
  • Acrylic/tempura paint art & craft stores

The Chuckie Goodnight Foundation For The Environment


  • Print template & cut out
  1. If using a block of clay use clay cutter to cut a block of clay ¾”  thick. You need enough clay to cut out all of the pieces
  2. Pound out clay to about ½” thick. Use template to cut out clay pieces
  3. Assemble: Attach the left leg first, use the fork to crisscross the area on the body where the leg is to be attached, do the same on the back of the leg. This is called scoring. Dip your finger in the water and apply to both scored areas. This is called slippy. This is how the pieces of your sculpture are going to be held the together.
  4. Attach leg to body blend and smooth edges. See video & photo
  5. Attach right leg scoring & creating the slippy
  6. Attach the head
  7. Using extra pieces of clay make shapes for:
  8. Snout-make a shape of a tiny hot dog
  9.  Nose-make a small ball
  10.  Ears-make a small ball and shape it into an ear
  11. REMEMBER to score and make the slippy before attaching all of the pieces
  12. Break a toothpick into small pieces for the claws & push into the feet
  13. Use toothpick or other small tool to create the eyes, nostrils, mouth & any other details you wish to create
  14. Place the sculpture on a piece of cardboard to dry

YOU are the Artist! Enjoy!


Wait one week and see if the clay sculpture feels cold. If it still feels cold let the sculpture dry a few more days. Once the sculpture is completely dry you may paint it with tempura or acrylic paints. Glue a soda can ring or a paper clip to the back of your sculpture so you can use it as a hook for hanging.

We thank you for honoring the Black Bear and all of nature today through your personal creation of your clay sculpture.  Many thanks too for supporting FROGS and The Chuckie Goodnight Foundation For The Environment. To find out all about the great things that Chuckie Goodnight and his Crew do to help Mother Earth go to

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