Clay Black Bear

Materials List:

  • Self-hardening clay
  • Clay cutter (if using a block of clay)
  • Plastic knife for cutting template
  • Plastic fork for scoring
  • Toothpicks for claws
  • Little tools for design details, Example: appetizer pick
  • Small cup of water used to create slippy
  • Acrylic or tempera paint for painting once sculpture is dry
  • Flat dry workspace
  • Piece of cardboard as base for drying sculpture

Bird Feeder

Materials List:

  • One orange juice or milk carton  ½ gallon size—washed and cleaned out
  • Sand Paper –one piece ( to ‘rough up’ the exterior of the carton before painting—so it will hold the paint)
  • One pipe cleaner
  • One straight wooden stick 8 to 10 inches long (from outside fallen tree limb or a wooden dowel)
  • Waterproof acrylic paint –one small jar, preferable green or blue (craft stores)
  • One “sponge” brush p to paint the carton
  • Lots of materials from outside –fallen leaves (press them between sheets of newspaper), grasses,  fall weeds, acorns, evergreen branch pieces (small) ferns ( pressed)
  • Elmers school glue
  •  Some bird seed to put in your feeder
  •  Have Mom or Dad cut the holes in the Milk carton –as per the demonstration before starting

Build a Bug

Materials List:

  • Six pieces flower arranging foam (not Styrofoam) – preferably green
  • Cut the rectangular pieces into two rectangles, two large triangles and four squares
  • Wooden sticks (small) to put pieces of foam together (available in craft stores)
  • Colored pipe cleaners – one package
  • Colored “puffs” both large and small (in craft stores)
  • Elmers school glue
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